Volume 13 No. 1 SPRING 2012

The World Comes to Smith
Chinese students enrich the Smith community

Every year the Smith School sends its American-born students out into the world for study abroad courses, internships and other global experiences. But over the past few years we’ve also welcomed hundreds of students from China to Van Munching Hall, particularly in our masters degree programs. For many, this is their first time studying in the United States, and often their first time away from China. Smith Business asked Bangdi (Daisy) Dai, who is in the MS in Finance program, and Xiangsun (Edison) Xue, who is in the MS in Supply Chain Management program, to tell us about their experiences here.

Edison: I’m from Shanghai. I got my MBA from the University of Hong Kong while I was working for Lucent Technology Asia in Sales and Marketing. I’d like to make a switch to supply chain management within the manufacturing industry.

Daisy: I’m from Beijing and I went to the University of Alberta (Canada) for my undergraduate degree. I’m getting my masters because I want to work in corporate finance as an asset manager or a financial analyst in an investment or commercial bank.

Q: Why did you come to Smith?

Edison: I liked the location and the Smith School has good rankings. It also had good word of mouth from my U.S. colleagues at Lucent.

Q: What do you like about living here?

Daisy: I like the atmosphere around the Reagan Building. Our classes are very close to the White House! We’re also close to Chinatown. At night it’s very beautiful.

Edison: I had never lived in the U.S. before. Shanghai has more shopping, but D.C. has more history and museums. I love the weather here, especially the summer. It’s so much cooler than Shanghai! And there’s less pollution here.

Q: What is challenging?

Edison: It is a very challenging program, so I feel like my time is very limited. I participate in the Supply Chain Management Club, but I’d like to be part of more clubs.

Daisy: I’m far away from my family. I take classes in D.C. but I live in College Park, and I am not so comfortable with the commute, especially during rush hour. My American classmates are very easygoing. It would be nice to do more socializing with people at the Smith School and in my apartment building, but my time is very limited.

Q: Anything else?

Edison: This was my first time to interact with Christians because I had never met any in Shanghai. I was kind of narrow before. I am happy I exposed myself to this new experience. Every day I am learning new things.

Daisy: I am class representative. I want to help my Chinese classmates have a good experience. I know it’s not easy to be alone in a foreign country and there is a lot of pressure from classwork. I want to be supportive as a peer and I know that we can take care of each other.

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