Volume 13 No. 1 SPRING 2012

Last Word

Dean Anand AnandalingamThis has been a year of renewed focus on and investment in corporate engagement for the Smith School. We’re committed to getting our students into top-tier companies in the national capital region and around the world.

Strategically, there is nothing more important for us. Getting students into top companies is important for their careers and for our rankings, which in some cases are tied to student placement statistics and starting salaries. We’ve worked on increased outreach in New York City—home to thousands of Terps—and in Silicon Valley, where companies are finding many of our quant-oriented graduates to be a good fit. We also want to dominate in our backyard. We want companies in the region to turn to us first when they are in need of talent.

Competition from other business schools in this region is fierce, so we’re working hard to raise awareness of our brand. If you live in the Washington, D.C., metro region, you’ve probably seen our Smith Effect ads, or heard our spots on the radio. But the very best advertisement we have is when our alumni speak up for us in the workplace.

Many of you are already doing so, and there are many people whose efforts have made a crucial difference to our endeavors this year. The school’s Board of Advisors formed an outreach committee that has brought many new companies to campus, including Reese Feuerman who connected us to Constellation Energy, Adam Feinstein who helped us bring in Barclay Capital, Ab Krall with Deloitte, and Andy DePhilips with Credit Suisse. The Alumni Chapter Board has been actively mentoring and connecting students with opportunities within their companies.

Your support is also crucial. Please “Speak Up for Smith” in your company. Help us connect our students with your internship opportunities. Post your company’s job opportunities on HireSmith. Our faculty regularly work with companies on research projects—perhaps there is an opportunity for us to work with yours. Just making yourself available to speak with students about your industry or company is extremely valuable for those just starting their careers.

Dr. Jeff Kudisch and the staff at the Office of Career Services would be happy to help you identify the right kind of involvement opportunity for you and your company. I hope we will hear from you soon.


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