Volume 13 No. 1 SPRING 2012

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for writing in to share your responses to our last issue, The Business of Sports, published in fall 2011. You mentioned many more Smith Terp athletes than we ever knew existed, some of whom are spotlighted in this issue’s Alumni Notes section.

I enjoyed your articles on Sports Management in the most recent issue of Smith Business. … However, I would have loved to have seen an article on John Lucas ’76. Luke was an All American in both basketball (2 times) and tennis while at the university and he was a first-round draft pick in the NBA. He spent 14 years in the NBA and when he retired he was in the top 10 of all time assists. … He has been a head coach of three NBA teams as well as a USBL team and the Nigerian Olympic team. … My wife, Victoria Rymer ’61, MBA ’66, PhD ’83 taught him basic accounting back in 1973. She was always amazed how effectively he balanced a tough academic schedule with a terribly demanding athletic schedule.
John Rymer ’60 (Engineering)
Regarding the current issue of Smith Business Magazine, sports and business, as with politics, are mutually exclusive endeavors and I didn’t need to earn an MBA to find that out. … Ask Carly Fiorina.
Ross Jackson Laningham ’74

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