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Volume 13 No. 2 FALL 2012
leaders digest
Joe Bailey The Many Bow Ties of
Joe Bailey

What started as a joke soon became Bailey’s signature at Smith.
Microfinance in Action
Professor Sue White takes students on first-ever study abroad to Nicaragua.
New Leaders at Van Munching Hall
Run for Your Lives
Smith Celebrates Rudy Lamone
University’s Awards Gala
Baltimore Alumni Club
knowledge transfer
Another Repatriation Tax Holiday?
Let’s hope not. Professor Michael Faulkender says another tax holiday also would be counterproductive.
When Your Emotional IQ Matters
Does higher emotional intelligence mean better job performance?
Good, Better, Best
Inaugural Innovate 4 Healthcare Challenge
Hidden Risks in Emerging Markets
Missing Passengers Signal Leaky Open Skies Pact
Senbet Recognized for Contributions